Why Do You Sit?

I downed my warm drink of coffee like a glass of water. A weight is lifted off of my eyes, leading to the natural inspection of where I was. A little quaint cafe that lies at the corner of the street. For a reason I can’t define, the atmosphere of the place was always so relaxing. Waking up here has been a morning ritual of mine since I discovered this place.

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A Bar Scene

Many things have come to be named, out of the accepted and unpredictable course of existing long enough to be remembered by another existence, to then be forgotten again, in a slow and uninteresting manner. That being written down, the same was said for a simple tavern nonsensically known as Apple Glow, before it was Siren’s Wail; a brothel that was very popular with the womenfolk who wanted jobs, men who would eagerly give away their life’s fortune for a chance to go down with any lady, and sacrilegious to church that was formerly dipping in marriage services while soaring in that of divorce. Of course, most of the men in the town despaired at the news of the “redesign,” opting to drown their sorrows in the said tavern as they had little else to do in this pitstop of a town. Of course, all of this was long forgotten history of the aforementioned tavern as the citizens were negligent on keeping tabs of such daffy events in favor of such things such as arming the guard, fulfilling the quota of the hunt, and keeping their houses from collapsing: general survival.

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Chapter 4 Silver Cage

I hear all of the surrounding voices in a surrounding clamor. I see flocks of people living happily in the confines of the capital as they go from store to store, bartering possessions such as food, clothing, supplies, and jewelry. I reckon that I am standing in the middle of this marvelous scene. It makes my personal experience with torture seem like a brim outlier. Continue reading “Chapter 4 Silver Cage”

Chapter 3 Hard Facts

My cry met me no response, leaving me terrified, alone, and out of the loop.

After I finally got rid of my initial dejection, which still persists in the back of my mind; I decided to make a more productive use of my time here. I go through corridors of books, some were locked in different glass cases on the shelves with varying levels of security, while others were freely placed anywhere. Continue reading “Chapter 3 Hard Facts”